As Sam Beckett Would Say, “Oh Boy”…

My Handsome Wolf Self
Yes, I’m a black wolf. There’s a surprise!

I’ve been enjoying the complete Quantum Leap series recently. Those of you who are familiar with it may recall that it became a running joke to have time-traveling Sam Becket arrive in his new location, look around, and say, “Oh Boy…”

Time: Sunday evening, October 22, 2017. I get to play with a whole new toy, and since I’m planning on taking this very slowly, don’t be surprised if I’m less-than-swift to post something of consequence. Until I can find a copy of “WordPress for the Utterly Incompetent,” I’ll be feeling my way along. Here’s hoping I don’t bump into anything too sharp (my wit, obviously, not qualifying!).

This’ll get better soon, I promise!