What This Is About

As I get more familiar with this whole WordPress thing, I’ll begin posting “actual content,” meaning the book, film, and music reviews that The Wolf’s Den of Black Wolf’s Imaginarium is all about. Many of my readers and fans are under 30, and some are convinced that nothing of particular value happened before they got here. My job is to show them otherwise, so much of what I talk about here will be about the pre-2000 years. I’ll also be alerting them to things in the current millennium that are worth noting or worth avoiding.

There will also be a segment called “Wordsmything,” which is about writing and language usage. It’s my attempt at saving what little is left of language, communication, and proper usage. I realize that I may fail, but one may hope.

Eventually, I’ll have a better template for all this, too, and it’ll make more sense. However, for those of you curious to know what I’m attempting here… well, here’s the start. Keep checking back. Little by little, I’ll actually make something of this site.

UPDATE, December 31, 2017: Having just learned how to create a new page (rather than simply add a post), I’ve created a page that explains better what this site is about. Come have a look at the new page!

As Sam Beckett Would Say, “Oh Boy”…

My Handsome Wolf Self
Yes, I’m a black wolf. There’s a surprise!

I’ve been enjoying the complete Quantum Leap series recently. Those of you who are familiar with it may recall that it became a running joke to have time-traveling Sam Becket arrive in his new location, look around, and say, “Oh Boy…”

Time: Sunday evening, October 22, 2017. I get to play with a whole new toy, and since I’m planning on taking this very slowly, don’t be surprised if I’m less-than-swift to post something of consequence. Until I can find a copy of “WordPress for the Utterly Incompetent,” I’ll be feeling my way along. Here’s hoping I don’t bump into anything too sharp (my wit, obviously, not qualifying!).

This’ll get better soon, I promise!