Patreon is a wonderful means of connecting artists and their art with people who want to enjoy it, support it, and make new art possible. I’m a writer, a word artist, and I’ve had a Patreon account since October 2015.

For as little as $1 per story (two stories per month), you can have early access to my latest stories, as well as exclusive access to writing not available anywhere else. The exclusive work includes my National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) novels each November (over 50,000 word each) and the continuing development of my time-travel-intrigue novel Watch Dogs (you can read the first chapter for free — click here). Posts prior to January 2018 are available only as PDF downloads; from 2018 forward, there will also be the option of an epub download for each writing offered.

I produce content every Saturday. First and third Saturdays are “Miscellaneous Musings”, which could be just about anything. Second and fourth Saturdays are the paid works, with the story being at least 5000 words… and in November, you get over ten times that much. There are four “fifth Saturdays” each year, and that’s when you get to see what’s “Under Construction” — exclusive, still-being-created material for long works (novel, stage play, etc.).

My work for my Patreon is always “office safe”, and you can see free samples of what I offer by clicking here. You can edit your per-story pledge up or down, or cancel it altogether, at any time. The site offers you the option of signing up with a Facebook account, but you don’t have to go that route if you’d rather not. Every month, you will be helping me produce great new fiction… and yes, you’ll also help me continue creating more content for this site as well.

Feel free to read all about it on my main Patreon page. I hope you’ll join the many others who have joined together to help me continue to provide high-quality furry fiction. Even $1/story will be a great help, and you’ll get to read some of the best writing of this century (if I do say so myself).