Critical Site Updates

My apologies, both for the lack of content and for being forced to take the site down for a critical maintenance issue. My time in Australia was far different from what I’d hoped it would be (I don’t regret a moment of the last four of the 13 weeks I was there), and a great many issues have come up since my return. Routine maintenance on the site has been prevented for complicated reasons; my very kind administrator has said that he now needs to tear it all down and perform a clean re-install, due to my own errors in the use of a few plug-ins that were “incompatible” (to say the least). First Rule: Listen to your Admin!

The site will have a complete backup and should be able to come back just as it was, with one important exception: If you have subscribed to receive updates of this site, you’ll need to re-subscribe after the re-installation. I would recommend giving yourself a reminder to re-subscribe on Monday, June 17, 2019; the site should be repaired by then. If you visit the site sometime next weekend, and this notice does not appear as the first entry, then the site has been repaired; you will be able to re-subscribe at that time.

Thank you for your patience and your faith in my finally getting this site back on track. It would be a jinx to make promises…! I will, however, pledge my best efforts, and I’ve already gotten some ideas for new posts. Meanwhile, my web comic is still going strong; visit Natural Habitat today!

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